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Air Humidity and Temperature Sensor

Item name: Air Humidity and Temperature Sensor

Catalogue number: PUTD-SHT21

Device Description:

This is for test of air humidity and temperature.

It will work with PUTD IOT Technology’s Smart Air Quality Device  as site test appliance. By uploading data through wireless network, this combination will be further working with our cloud base IOT software platform(PUTD DSS) to provide the data view of the air humidity and temperature continuously.

Smart Air Quality Device:

This is the hardware platform which at one end interfaces with variety of industrial sensors for agriculture (Air Humidity and Temperature Sensor this time) to collect field data and at the other end adopting one of radio connectivity systems to exchange the information with application software resides in data centre. (details)

Smart IOT device.png

Sensor description:

We developed this air humidity and temperature sensor by sealing the sensor cell - SHT2x from a Switzerland sensor company-  SENSIRION . The digital SHT2x humidity sensor series is used in high volumes in a wide variety of applications and has today become the de facto industry standard. 

Sensor specification

SHT21-Air Humidity and temp.jpg


  • Test the air humidity and temperature near plant canopy to understand the plant growing condition and make proper action decisions such as water spray or wind blower to cool down

  • Monitor air humidity and temperature in the sheds for livestock living to ensure health;

  • Monitor air humidity and temperature in the room/shed for hay and hard feed storage to avoid mould     

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