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Victoria's On-Farm Internet of Things Trial

We are honoured  to be awarded as one of supplies of IOT device and application!

PUTD IOT Technology's products listed in the program catalogue

1.  Smart IOT devices Hub

     Smart Agriculture Device Hub

      Connects PUTD Water Sensors to LoRaWAN. Can support more than one sensor

     Smart Water Device Hub

      Connects PUTD Water Sensors to LoRaWAN. Can support more than one sensor

     Smart Air Quality Device Hub

     Connects PUTD Air Sensors to LoRaWAN. Can support more than one sensor

2. Soil sensors

     Soil Moisture Sensor

     Test soil volumetric water content

     Soil Triple Sensor

     Test soil volumetric water content, electrical conductivity and temperature

     Soil Water Suction Sensor

     Test soil soil water suction/tension/potential (plant available water) and soil temperature.

3. Plant growth status sensor

    Leaf Wetness Sensor

    Measures leaf wetness which can be used to identify when to spray, quantify water storage in the canopy, and monitor for foliar diseases including rust and blight.

     Diameter Dendrometer Small

     Measures plants, small trees and branches <50 mm diameter.

     Circumference Dendrometer

     Measures circumference of plants >50 mm diameter

     Fruit & Vegetable Dendrometer

     Measures circumference of circular fruit, up to 110 mm diameter

4. Water sensors

     Water Flowmeter Sensor

     Measures accumulated water consumption in pipes using ultrasonic pressure sensor

     Liquid/Water Level Sensor

     Measures liquid levels, based on pressure, up to 50 m;  Monitor and control the water storage in dam, pool, tank etc.

     Water Conductivity Sensor

     Measures water quality and temperature by tracking conductivity; Ensure the quality of water for plants and live stocks.

5. Air humidity & Temperature sensors


     Air Humidity & Temp Sensor

     Measures air temperature to 125°C and 100% relative humidity

6. Software

     Dashboard Device Management & Automation for Farm

     Plots data from IoT devices onto dashboard in graph form and maps device locations.
Alarms can be set to alert on thresholds

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