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dashboarding, device management and automation
of farm location area

Item name: PUTD DSS – dashboarding, device management and automation of farm location area

Catalogue number: PUTD-DSS


Cloud based application software, data platform providing dashboarding, device management, automation control(if purchase control contact); further development opportunities. 

The application software platform functions as below:

  • Web browser access and display by laptop, pad etc.: which means almost no extra facility needed for customer, easy access and operate.

  • GIS display:  Google map GIS display, can check the data at the position on the map.

  • Data display: Display data with the time windows in minute, hour, day and year in the formats of curves/graphics, data list.

  • Data comparison: Can set to display different data simultaneously to assist with understanding of the context among them.

  • Data statistic: data can be analysed with several statistic measures and display the results

  • Data export: data stored in system can be exported with formats of excel, pdf, word for further post process or view

  • Threshold alert: Threshold can be set per each data type. Alarm will be generated upon data value exceeding the threshold. Alarm box will pop out on interface for reminding and E mail alert will be sent to pre-set recipients.

  • Irrigation control/or relay control: operate on user interface to manually control of valve/relay, threshold triggered control, routine control

  • Can customize to develop data applications based on the data 

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