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Liquid/water level sensor

Item name: Liquid/water level sensor

Catalogue number: PUTD-JYB-KO-L

Device Description:

Testing of water level(depth), this sensor is widely used in water plants, sewage treatment plants, urban water supply, water wells, geothermal wells, mines, industrial water pools, oil pools, hydrogeology, reservoirs, rivers, oceans etc.


This sensor will work with PUTD IOT Technology’s Smart Water Device to form site test appliance. By uploading data through wireless network, this combination will be further working with our cloud base IOT software platform(PUTD DSS) to provide the data of water level/depth.

Smart Water Device:

This is the hardware platform which at one end interfaces with variety of industrial sensors for agriculture (Liquid/water level sensor this time) to collect field data and at the other end adopting one of radio connectivity systems to exchange the information with application software resides in data centre. (details)

Sensor description:

The input-type static-pressure level transmitter is based on the principle of proportional to the height/depth of the measured liquid, using the pressure resistance effect of advanced isolated diffusion silicon sensitive elements, which converts static pressure to electrical signal, and then converts it into a standard electrical signal through temperature compensation and linear correction.

JYB series of input static pressure level transmitters are suitable for the hydrochemical, metallurgy, power, pharmaceutical, water supply and drainage, environmental protection and other systems and industries which require a variety of media level measurement. The compact structure, simple tuning and flexible installation make it easy for use. 

Smart IOT device.png
water level.png
water level-spec.PNG


  • Monitor, test the water depth/level of water storage such as dam, pool, tank to understand the water quantity, take actions to get enough water in advance​

  • Work with ​our Water Flowmeter Sensor and Water Conductivity Sensor to form a tools to manage water quality and quantity
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