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Diameter dendrometer: small

Item name: Diameter dendrometer: small

Catalogue number: PUTD-DD-S

Device Description:

The DD-S is designed specifically for testing agricultural plants, small trees and branches (diameter < 5 cm). Due to the patented mounting method, the dendrometer provides stable readings also for very small plants. The sensor remains stable fixed at the measuring point without exerting excessive pressure on the measuring point.

This sensor will work with PUTD IOT Technology’s Smart Agriculture Device to form site test appliance. By uploading data through wireless network, this combination will be further working with our cloud base IOT software platform(PUTD DSS) to provide the data view of continuous changes of the diameter of plant branches and stems

Smart Agriculture Device

This is the hardware platform which at one end interfaces with variety of industrial sensors for agriculture (dendrometer sensor this time) to collect field data and at the other end adopting one of radio connectivity systems to exchange the information with application software resides in data centre. (details).

Smart IOT device.png

Sensor function

  • Suitable for small trees and agricultural plants

  • Plants do not have to bear the weight of the dendrometer (separate braces for small plants)

  • No injury to plants

  • Minimal contact pressure on the plant

  • Stability against wind, snow, falling small branches and small fruits

  • Plant size specific ordering possible within the 0 to 5 cm diameter range

This sensor(DD-S) is from company Ecomatik.  We had adopted several types dendrometer sensors to form our IoT based plant testing solution. We can still choose suitable sensors to fit your diverse plant test requirements. 



  • Continuously collect the data of the plant size which helps to

    • Understand the growth status verse time

    • Compare the status with common experienced or industrial proven "curves" over time or across blocks/regions, to get the idea of our plant growing status, thus take proper actions

    • Help to understand what and how those related farm environmental factors and actions have the influence on plant growing   ​

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