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Smart Agriculture Device

Item name: Smart Agriculture Device

Catalogue number: PT6000-AG01-LoRaWAN-SW

Device Description:

The equipment is the core of our field appliance. it interfaces with variety of industry proven sensors in agriculture application, collects the sensor data, and supports the transmission of local data to the data center through wireless network (LoRaWAN this time). The whole equipment adopts low-power design, then enable battery power supply, greatly enlarge the application scenario of the equipment.

Specification and advantage

  • The equipment integrates data acquisition, processing, storage and transmission functions

  • Built in battery and low power, it can run for a longer time with electricity out.

  • Built in 8G capacity storage to save the data locally even network failure for a while

  • It can monitor the status of itself in real time such as the internal temperature, battery voltage and capacity, device gesture, and report those data to data center for maintenance

  • Ultra low power consumption, which can be continuously operated for 1 to 3 years by dedicated battery.

  • Shipped with solar power supply

  • Good enclosure design make it can adapt to all outdoor environments

  • Easy to install, easy to configure and easy to use.

  • Operating temperature: - 10 to 65 degrees C,

  • Working humidity 0% RH to 100% RH, non-condensing data storage 8G storage space, power support built-in battery.

  • Ppwer supply voltage: DC 5 V, 5%, Ripple 30m.

  • Power supply current  (Activated: 15mA; sleep: 0.07uA),

  • Device size 130mm x 90mm x 35mm.

  • Can host multiple of sensors, generally with number of 6~8, at most 12 maybe (even more which is based on sensor types and combination).

  • We can even customize the device to host your sensors you required

  • RCM certification registered

  • Supported connectivity system: LoRaWAN , WIFI, NB-iot, GSM/GPRS/4G, LoRa

Smart IOT device.png
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