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Soil Sensor (VWC)

Item name: Soil Sensor (VWC)

Catalogue number: PUTD-ECH2O-EC5

Device Description:

Soil condition data test and monitoring is largely used in agricultural cultivation in fields and greenhouses, By long-term on-line monitoring of sandy soil, especially through monitoring soil conditions, this sensor provides data support for planting, irrigation and management, and provides empirical data for better quality crop cultivation. This sensor device is testing Volumatic Water Content of soil.

This sensor will work with PUTD IOT Technology’s Smart Agriculture Device to form site test appliance. By uploading data through wireless network, this combination will be further working with our cloud base IOT software platform(PUTD DSS) to provide the data view of the VWC data of soil.



Smart Agriculture Device


This is the hardware platform which at one end interfaces with variety of industrial sensors for agriculture (Soil Sensor for this application) to collect field data and at the other end adopting one of radio connectivity systems to exchange the information with application software resides in data center. (details)

Smart IOT device.png

Sensor description:

The EC-5 determines volumetric water content (VWC) by measuring the dielectric constant of the media using capacitance/frequency domain technology. Its 70 MHz frequency minimizes salinity and textural effects, making this sensor accurate in almost any soil or soilless media.

Soil VWC-EC5.png

Factory calibrations are included for mineral soils, potting soils, rockwool, and perlite.

Just 5 cm long with a to 0.2 L volume, this handy little sensor is easy to install in field and can also be used in nursery pots. The EC-5's compact design make easy to push directly into undisturbed soil to ensure good accuracy.



  • Measures volumetric water content

  • Affordable: ideal for large sensor networks

  • Simple sensor with excellent accuracy

  • Small volume of influence (eg., field spatial variability, column, or greenhouse research)

  • 70 MHz frequency minimizes salinity and textural effects

  • Factory calibrations for mineral soils, potting soils, rockwool, and perlite

  • Small size means easy-to-install

  • Plug and play capability

This soil volumetric water content(VWC) sensor (EC-5) is from METER who is well known soil test senor company world wide.

Soil VWC-EC5-Spec.PNG


  • Irrigation smartly

    • Monitor the soil water content to determine the right time for starting and stopping irrigation​

    • For each time while irrigation, monitor at different depths to understand how water flow down to determine irrigation speed or pause to wait, thus save valuable water

    • Deploy the sensors at different blocks for variety of plants, thus enable the smart irrigation per plant varieties

    • Can work together with our soil water suction sensor to provide more comprehensive data analysis tools to test soils  

  • Salinity management

    • Deploy soil water content sensor just under the root zone to monitor the shallow groundwater rising​ and take proper actions to avoid the "pollution" of soil

    • Leaching the salinity by irrigation meanwhile monitoring the soil water content at multiple depths to understand the procedure and action

    • Can work with our soil EC and water EC sensors to provided more comprehensive salinity management tools.   

  • Pest and disease management

    • Soil water content, soil temperature sensor and weather condition may work together to forecast the pest and disease  ​

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